We offer year-round childcare for ages 3 months to pre-K with a highly trained, caring staff. Children are exposed to a variety of activities and involved in academic tasks designed to help them gain the skills needed to prepare them for school, develop a positive self-image, practice motor skills, learn independence, and develop social and emotional skills. Staff members are encouraged to be flexible and to allow the children freedom to learn at their own pace. We strive to maintain an atmosphere of acceptance, mutual respect, and encouragement. An organized environment with caring adults and clear expectations supports the overall development of the child.


HCC children-to-teacher ratios are lower than state licensing requirements and adhere to NAEYC-recommended ratios. Children are placed in age-appropriate groups considering both developmental and chronological age. Primarily, children are transitioned into the next classroom in September if developmentally ready.



Junior Infants

3-6 Months


Senior Infants

6-12 Months 



Junior Ones/"Lions"

12-18 Months


Senior Ones/"Tigers"

18-24 Months 



Junior Twos/"Panda Bears"

24-30 Months


Senior Twos/"Polar Bears"

30-36 Months 




3 Years



4 Years   

We are pleased to partner with local coaches and instructors to offer extracurricular activities for families interested in additional activities. These activities may vary based on season and availability, and are not included in base tuition. 


Little People’s Creative Workshop®

Little People’s Creative Workshop® has developed a time-tested dance program to introduce, guide, and nurture creativity. Dance and theatre are universal languages in which all children can relate. Our program is for boys and girls beginning at age 2. We give them a chance to experience dance and theatre in a fun and loving atmosphere among their peers.


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Super Soccer Stars 

At Super Soccer Stars, it is our goal to teach soccer skills in a fun, non-competitive, educational environment. Our philosophy is to use soccer to nurture, to build self-confidence, and to develop teamwork in every class.

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Extracurricular Activities