Junior Twos/"Panda Bears"

  • Ages in September: 24-30 Months

  • Classroom Ratio (Children:Caregiver): 6:1

  • Maximum Class Size: 12

Senior Twos/ "Polar Bears"

  • Ages in September: 30-36 Months

  • Classroom Ratio (Children:Caregiver): 6:1

  • Maximum Class Size: 12

Our 2-year-olds focus on developing socialization skills such as sharing and turn taking. Self-help skills are stressed as they learn to dress, zip, and pour. A little Spanish is introduced, as well as colors, shapes, counting, and learning about the world around us through interesting topics. Music and both fine and gross motor activities are daily events. Potty Parties celebrating the end of diapers are major celebrations!


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Junior Twos 1

Panda Bears classroom circle time and creative play areas